Play the SELF-TEACHING Piano Game

Levels 1, 2, & 3


​Playing the piano in early childhood expands the mind, altering the anatomy of the brain.
Many students show that learning the piano in early childhood sets a child up for academic success.

Preschoolers who play piano have an advantage in school, particularly in math and science. Music training is considered superior to computer instruction in enhancing children's abstract reasoning. 

Piano - K can help…

Improve School Performance - Children who play an instrument score higher on standard and spatial development tests.

Stay focused - Reading music that translates into successive hand movements on the keyboard takes focus.

Increase Coordination - Both hands work independently, increasing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills necessary for writing.

Raise Self Esteem - The piano is one of the easier beginner instruments but it takes work and dedication leaving the student feeling proud of their achievements.

Patience - Playing requires time and practice which helps children to approach tasks with confidence.

Enhance Learning - Students learn how to follow directions and translate writing into music.